Call for Papers

Infosec Taiwan 2023 Call for Papers

Surviving the black swan event has been a difficult journey, and currently, the Russo-Ukrainian War and the US-China technology war continue to rage on. Negative news regarding economic recession and inflation persistently circulates, making it challenging to grow one's personal abilities and value in such an environment. After experiencing COVID-19, people have changed their learning methods and shopping habits. Through remote work and online shopping, almost all information is transmitted through the internet. One careless mistake can cause serious losses and harm if personal data or company secrets are leaked. Therefore, cybersecurity defense is more critical than ever.

These cybersecurity threats occur continuously worldwide. This year's InfoSec Taiwan is hosted by the Taiwan Digital Security Alliance and invites international cybersecurity organizations to participate. With a global perspective on cybersecurity strategy, it presents a complete cybersecurity ecosystem, providing companies with cybersecurity needs with solutions that comply with international development trends. Through the experience sharing of domestic and international cybersecurity experts, the event aims to offer innovative cybersecurity thinking to the attendees.

To promote the development of international information security technology and academic exchange, Infosec Taiwan 2023 International Information Security Conference is now soliciting papers related to information security from scholars at home and abroad. We welcome submissions.

Submissions topics:

  • Cloud Security
  • Smart Application Security
  • Industrial Control and Internet of Things (IoT) Security
  • ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) Cybersecurity Governance
  • Deception Defense Technology
  • Enterprise Security Defense
  • Network Attack and Defense
  • Application Security
  • Zero Trust Architecture
  • Identity Authentication Security
  • Cybersecurity Incident Analysis Technology
  • Cyber Threat Intelligence Analysis Technology

Submission Method:

Please submit your paper via the following link: use "Infosec Taiwan 2023 submission" as the email subject line. The program committee will reply to you before May 31st.

Lecturer Benefits:

Domestic Lecturers: After their manuscript has been accepted, they will be reimbursed for domestic transportation expenses (high-speed rail tickets).
International Lecturers: After their manuscript has been accepted, European and American lecturers will receive a subsidy of $1600 USD, and lecturers on the Asia-Pacific route will receive a subsidy of $700 USD. Accommodation will be provided from July 31 to August 3 during the conference.
During the conference, the organizers will provide Full Pass and a lecturer's lounge.